Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Version 0.2.3 release

Version 0.2.3 of the Jyutping keyboard for Android is available for download on the Google Play Tools category for free. This is a testing version and will expire on 1 September 2013.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a layout defect of missing the default selection key for tablets in landscape.
  • Fixed the failing to start on devices with permanent hardware keys.
  • Fixed the wrongly saved candidate history that was triggered by long pressing hardkey shortcuts.

  • If you experience extreme lag after updating, try uninstalling and re-installing the keyboard again.
  • After changing theme, try to restart the keyboard or rotate the device with the keyboard active, to make the new theme effective.
  • If you experience touch difficulty, try to set the Touch sensitivity settings as High and Neutral.

Known issues:
  • Keyboard closes itself on Contact's phone number text box of Samsung devices with Android 4.x. Will fix once we get a Samsung device on hand to check.
  • Keyboard plays sound on press on LG devices, even sound is disabled in settings. Will fix once we get a LG device on hand to check.
  • Candidates selection bar jumps when the height is set to S. Fix in the pipeline.
  • Key size too large for tablets. Fix in the pipeline.

  • Installation from Goole Play is recommended.
  • Or download the APK and install manually, if Google Play is not available on your device.

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.2.2 apply.

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